Here we go...


I'll be completely honest. I am NOT a social media person. It's hard! Don't get me wrong- I enjoy it to stay in touch with family and friends who are some distance from me, but I don't always go to it to share the most recent events, photos, or really anything. My schedule doesn't permit it! Sounds kind of backwards doesn't it, owning a Shop and not like Social Media!

Plus, my biggest hurdle is how limited on time I am. What do I mean by that? Social Media is a fast moving beast, a quick scroll and flashy pictures....

I want actual quality time with my customers. I want to hear stories about their animals and family, about a product they like (or don't), and articles of clothing that they fancy and love to show off!

So, instead of flashing a real quick blurb about a product, piece, tack, or what have you.. I'll write a story! I like telling stories, and I hope you like reading them as much as I like writing them.

I invite you to hang out with me one day a week to read about an idea or product that I ACTUALLY use, and my thoughts. None of this is sponsored by a line. NONE. This is my personal opinion. I am hard on my stuff, and I appreciate quality over quantity. I'm honest, and will tell you how I feel about something.

Now, remember. This will only be my personal opinion. I may love something, and you may hate it- or vice versa! 

My goal is to build a relationship with my customer- you! I only hope you find entertainment and enjoyment in some of the things I want to say.

After all, Copper Bit is for those who Blaze Their Own Trail.



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