The Heart Behind Copper Bit Boutique

Hello! My name is Michele, and I am the creator, owner, and operator of Copper Bit! I am also a veteran; I served in the United States Navy as an Interior Communications Electrician.
I was a military brat growing up; we moved from Illinois, Alaska, Iowa, and Minnesota. The Navy brought me to Virginia and I now live in North Carolina on a farm. When I am not putting clothes together or handling tack, I am out in my boots with the animals!
Copper Bit Boutique was in hibernation for 10 years, and finally emerged in April 2019 in my spare bedroom turned office. I was working full time as an assistant sales manager, but craved working for myself. I decided to start Copper Bit Boutique part time out of my home and online with western flare, bo-ho chic clothing.
I have always loved beautiful embroidery, fringe, and gorgeous turquoise rings so I started there. Found inspiration through what I saw out west and what I loved! I’ve always found a ground through horses, and a large portion of my life was surrounded by them- even to this day. I found my roots and discovered that I have always wanted to own shop.
Next to the clothes, I started adding tack! Then I started adding consignment and it just went BOOM! A Boutique tack shop! Everything from your basic hoof pick to your dressage show! I needed more space- so I went out looking for a storefront. I was lucky enough to have found the perfect space.
To this day I am still growing and appreciate the love and support I have received from friends, family, and customers! I have a long list of people I am truly grateful for, and I hope I have expressed it enough to them! Thank you.